- It's tight every month, it just comes together.

I buy food at sale prices or what is about to expire, says Emma, ​​whose real name is something else.

Support organizations are important

For Emma, ​​a local aid organization has been the rescue.

There she has received both furniture and clothes free of charge.

- Everything we have comes from there.

It means a lot, we would have to sleep on mattresses on the floor otherwise, she says.

Highest share in Sörmland

Sörmland has the highest proportion of children living in economic vulnerability in Sweden, statistics from Statistics Norway show.

6,673 children, ten percent of the children in Sörmland, live in a family with a low income standard.

The national average is 7.5 percent, which corresponds to 161,000 children.

Low level of employment

A new report that Region Sörmland has made shows that one explanation for the highest proportion of financially vulnerable children in Sörmland is that there is a low degree of employment among parents in the county.

Other factors are that there are more families with a foreign background, single parents and many families with many children.

Hear the mother of four "Emma" tell what it's like to live with limited finances and what she thinks needs to change to reduce financial vulnerability.