Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov, who continues to invade Ukraine militarily, expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, ``The West does not want a solution that takes Russia's concerns into account.''

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Shoigu inspected military factories and instructed them to step up missile production.

On the 18th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov held a press conference in the capital Moscow, inviting foreign media, and expressed his dissatisfaction with the West's continued support for Ukraine, saying, ``Russia does not want a solution that takes into account its legitimate concerns.'' .

He also stated that under such circumstances, dialogue on strategic stability, including nuclear disarmament, with the United States is ``impossible.''

The Russian people are united in their response to the impact of the military invasion of Ukraine on Russia's presidential election in March, saying it is having a "positive impact" as industry is growing despite Western sanctions. said.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Shoigu visited a missile manufacturing factory in Moscow Oblast on the 18th.

In this regard, Defense Minister Shoigu ordered the production of new missiles with extended range to be stepped up, emphasizing that ``it is important to have sufficient stock of such missiles.''

Anticipating a prolonged invasion of Ukraine, Russia is strengthening its weapons production capacity by allocating approximately 30% of this year's national budget to defense spending.