- It is a serious disease for which there is no treatment, but the only way to protect oneself is through, among other things, vaccination, says Fredrik Rücker, who is an infectious disease doctor in Dalarna.

TBE is a viral disease spread by ticks.

Most people who become infected have mild symptoms and recover after a few days, but up to a third develop an inflammation of the brain or meninges.

It can cause long-lasting or permanent neurological problems.

Record number of cases of TBE

A compilation shows that around 600 cases of TBE were reported across the country last year, which is a record number.

Dalarna also broke a new record with 10 cases.

- It's a low number, but the trend is still that it's increasing and it's because the ticks are spreading north.

Consider vaccines

According to the Public Health Agency, it is already time to take a position on vaccination against TBE according to the regions' infection control units.

This is to have good protection for the summer.

In Dalarna, vaccines are recommended for those who spend a lot of time in forest and land south of Borlänge urban area.

- But as many people travel during the summer to places where there may be TBE, both in Sweden and abroad, you should read up on the local recommendations for the areas where you will be staying.