In the last EU election, the Liberals pushed the line that the EU's negotiations with Turkey should be suspended, citing flaws in the country's democracy.

And in 2018 there was a motion in the Riksdag for Turkey to be kicked out of NATO, the day Sweden itself becomes a member.

But this summer the government signed an agreement with Turkey to actively support the country's bid to join the EU.

Johan Pehrson (L), labor market minister, says that in that case there will be new demands on Turkey.

- When the development of the democratic quality goes in the wrong direction in Turkey, membership is not relevant, he says.

"Inappropriate" to throw Turkey out of NATO

Johan Pehrson also says that they want Turkey to develop in a democratic direction:

- We would like to help Turkey point out what measures they should take so that we are prepared to help them into the EU.

Should they be thrown out of NATO?

- No, it would be rather inappropriate when we are about to become members there.

According to Johan Pehrson, Sweden's cooperation with Turkey in the NATO issue does not mean that his own party will stop criticizing the country.

- We will not stop having views on violations of human rights.

"Negotiations are at a standstill"

He further says that what is required to admit Turkey into the EU is that they meet the democratic criteria that the Union has.

But as a democratic state, you have always welcomed Turkey into the EU, right?

Isn't the government's agreement a change in your position?

- Now the negotiations are at a standstill.

And we're going to look at things again with Turkey, that's what's in the agreement.

From the Swedish side, we have fulfilled our commitments, says Johan Pehrson, and continues:

- As it is right now, it is not up to them to become members - but in the long run I hope so.

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