A copy of the appeal addressed to the Russian Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov is at RT’s disposal.

As RT’s interlocutor emphasized, the attitude towards animals and the environment largely characterizes society as a whole.

Therefore, according to Vetrov, children must learn to care for animals and be able to “direct their care and creative energy to them.”

“I ask you to consider the possibility of introducing a section on the competent handling and care of pets into social studies (home economics) school hours,” the appeal says.

In addition, in his opinion, if the material and technical state of an educational institution allows it to maintain a living area where students can independently care for animals, then the school and the parent community should receive the right to this type of activity.

In addition, on the basis of domestic schools, once or twice a school year it would be possible to hold exhibitions of pets from shelters, and children could take the animals to their homes under the supervision of parents and teachers.

Earlier, Vetrov proposed considering the issue of introducing recommendations on the composition of sweet New Year's gifts for schoolchildren.