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In the news: in Ecuador, assassination of anti-corruption prosecutor César Suárez

Armed forces patrol the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador, January 15, 2024. © Ivan Alvarado / REUTERS

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In Ecuador, prosecutor César Suárez was assassinated on Wednesday January 17 around 2 p.m., while he was driving his car in the north of Guayquil, specifies



Images and videos circulated on social networks showing his vehicle, marked by numerous bullet holes.

César Suárez, recalls

El Universo

, was investigating the attack on the premises of TC Television, in Guayaquil, ten days ago - an attack which led President Daniel Noboa to declare the country in a state of internal armed conflict.

César Suárez dealt with cases relating to drug trafficking, terrorism and delinquency.


specifies that he had already received death threats in 2017: leaflets offering a million dollars for his assassination.


An assassination which cannot go unpunished

 ”, is the title of the editorial of

La Hora

, after this murder committed in broad daylight, in a busy street, despite the measures already taken by the government within the framework of decree 111 .

The editorialist is surprised that, despite the files for which César Suárez was responsible, “ 

he did not benefit from adequate police protection


And warns: “ 

The more the fight against organized crime intensifies in the country, the more prosecutors, judges and justice workers are exposed to risks.

Ecuadorian society must recognize the immense sacrifice and civic effort involved in serving the country in these positions. 


All authorities must work on this crime to find the culprits, adds

El Universo

, which concludes: “ 

Impunity for offenders cannot continue


Attorney General Diana Salazar has already warned: “ 

We will continue to work with even greater force and investment

 ,” reports

Metro Ecuador


Javier Milei in Davos

Javier Milei is in Davos, Switzerland.

This Wednesday, the ultraliberal president delivered a speech at the Economic Forum in praise of capitalism, a speech scrutinized by the Argentine press.


Amazement and surprise among those who listened to Javier Milei's energetic speech,

 ” headlines

La Nacion

, with this quote from the Argentine president: “ 

The socialists, the conservatives, the communists, the fascists, the Nazis, the social democrats, the centrists, they are all the same.

The enemies are all those where the State takes control of the means of production

 ,” said Javier Milei, leaving, writes

La Nacion

, “ 

the public speechless


An audience, notes the daily, very different from that which usually follows it, and we could hear some laughter during the speech: “ 

laughs of surprise, of disbelief, of fascination?

 », asks

La Nacion


Pagina 12

 raises another question: “ 

How can Milei's speech be analyzed if the content of each of the 18 pages he read causes embarrassment to anyone who embraces analytical, historical, philosophical and political rigor?

 » “ 

What planet does Mieli live on? 

" asks a journalist from the 


, who in her opinion pages analyzes a " 

libertarian misogyny

 " in the Argentine president's speech in Davos: Javier Milei denounced a "

radical feminism

" which according to him would have generated "

greater intervention from the State to hinder the economic process, to give work to bureaucrats who contribute nothing to society"

, for example

"in the form of women's ministries


On the other hand, during his speech, Javier Milei did not mention the adjustment plan that he intends to apply to his country, nor the challenges that await him to control inflation which reaches 211% in one year, notes



In any case, this Wednesday he did meet the director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, to whom “ 

he made eyes

 ,” estimates 

Pagina 12

: because during the meeting “ the ultra-liberal line of the government

 was ratified  ,

to convince the organization's board of directors to approve the deal to obtain $4.7 billion in new money.


Donald Trump campaigning in court

In the United States, the defamation trial brought against Donald Trump by journalist E Jean Carroll, who accuses the former president of rape and who has already been ruled in favor, continued this Wednesday.

The former president is not obliged to attend, but for the second day in a row, Donald Trump was present, and very present… “ 

Mumbled insults and severe warnings

 ”, headlines the

New York Times


Severe warning because “ 

the judge threatened Donald Trump to throw him out

 ,” writes 

The Hill


During the testimony of E Jean Carrol, who explained that the former president had “ 

destroyed her reputation and made her the target of his most ardent supporters

 ”, the former president muttered “ 

set up

 ” and “ 

witch hunt

 ” , tells the New York Times;

hence a complaint from the victim's lawyer and a call to order from the judge to Donald Trump, which led to a tense exchange between the two men.

His behavior, the daily believes, “ 

could presage clashes between a man who attacked American institutions and a judicial system defined by decorum and restraint



Washington Post

notes that Donald Trump's court appearances " 

have at times appeared to be part of his re-election campaign, especially since he describes himself as someone facing politically motivated court cases aimed at preventing him from doing so." to become president again


Donald Trump must still testify next Monday in this trial.


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