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According to Israeli figures, a third of the kidnapped hostages are chronically ill and need medicine

Photo: Beata Zawrzel / IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

In the agreement brokered by Qatar between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas, medicines for hostages and the population in the Gaza Strip are to be distributed at a ratio of 1 to 1,000.

Accordingly, for every box of medicine intended for hostages in Hamas violence, 1,000 such boxes would be distributed to the population.

A representative of the Egyptian Red Crescent told the dpa news agency.

The Times of Israel also reported that the boxes were delivered and distributed according to this ratio.

In total there are 60 tons of medicines and other medical goods.

The medicine shipment arrived in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening.

It was first flown to Egypt and from there taken to the Israeli border crossing at Kerem Shalom for inspection.

It is still unclear whether the hostages held by Hamas will actually receive medication or to what extent.

According to Israeli information, there are still 132 hostages in the coastal area.

According to Israeli figures, a third of them are chronically ill and need medicine.