France: anger of the police six months before the Olympic Games

Police officers mobilized throughout France, at the call of their unions, to express their concern 6 months before the Olympics.

Games for which they will obviously be called upon, but without yet knowing precisely under what conditions.

A priori

, they will not be able to take leave during this period and will have to work longer shifts.

Hence this movement of anger.

Work-to-rule strike in police stations, demonstrations in several cities... In Paris, there were around 400 in front of City Hall. 

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A protester holds a flare during a rally calling for police unions to obtain “exceptional measures” in compensation for their mandatory presence at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in Paris on January 18, 2024. AFP - DIMITAR DILKOFF

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Six months before the Olympic Games, the police do not know what their summer will look like and that is the whole problem.

Emmanuel Quéméner, delegate of the Alliance union for Île-de-France: “ 

We don't know in what sauce we are going to be eaten, we are told that we are going to work overtime, we are told that we are not going to have the right to leave during the Olympic Games.

We are told that we don't know how we are going to look after the kids.

We are told that we are going to work 12-hour, 16-hour days overtime: will they be paid, will they be tax-free?

We don't have an answer and that's why we're angry.


Police unions are demanding aid for childcare, a bonus of up to €2,000 and a guarantee of being able to go on vacation this summer.

Ben, a Parisian police officer, insists on the importance of leave: “ 

It is necessary rest because we have a job which is demanding and which is above all exposed.

We saw it again recently at Bir Hakeim, the police were able to give a rapid and proportionate response by using a Taser because the officials had a certain amount of rest time.


have a capacity for judgment, you cannot maintain a certain level of professionalism when you are tired.


On the side of the Ministry of the Interior, we recall that discussions are underway and that they should be concluded by the end of the month.


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