Xiao Qian, Chinese Ambassador to Australia, delivered a speech at the Chinese-Australian media New Year reception held at the embassy on January 17, local time, saying that 2023 is a "year of exchanges, dialogue and improvement" for China-Australia relations.

  Xiao Qian said that looking back on the past year, with the joint efforts of both sides, China and Australia have embarked on the right path to improve and develop relations.

  He mentioned that China-Australia pragmatic cooperation will yield fruitful results in 2023.

The trade volume between the two sides has reached a new high, and investment cooperation has made positive progress.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the first 11 months of last year, the trade volume of goods between the two countries was approximately 281.263 billion Australian dollars (1 Australian dollar is approximately 0.66 US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 8.52%.

  Xiao Qian said that China and Australia should properly resolve their respective reasonable trade concerns on the basis of mutual respect.

Australian coal, logs, barley, hay and other products have returned to the Chinese market. The commercial lease of Chinese companies in Darwin Port has once again passed Australia's assessment. The two countries have reached a principled consensus on properly resolving trade disputes such as the export of Australian wine to China.

  Xiao Qian also said that the momentum of cultural exchanges between the two countries is improving.

China remains Australia’s largest source of overseas students.

In the first three quarters of last year, more than 380,000 Chinese tourists visited Australia, and air transport capacity between China and Australia has recovered to 87% of pre-COVID-19 levels.

  Xiao Qian said that 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Australia, and the development of China-Australia relations faces important opportunities.

It is hoped that both parties will jointly promote the continuous development of bilateral relations.

  (Reporter Gu Shihong produced by Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Luo Pan]