From right, Mexican actress Melissa Barrera and British actor Khaled Abdullah (Getty)

The British actor of Egyptian descent, Khaled Abdullah, published through his account - on the X platform - part of the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding the catastrophic humanitarian conditions in Gaza.

Abdullah wrote about the report in his tweet, “More than 100 days after the war, Israel has destroyed the food system in Gaza, and used food as a weapon, as UN human rights experts say.”

The report published by the international representative deals with Israel's use of food and starvation as a weapon against the Palestinian people.

The report indicated that the Palestinians are starving and struggling to find food and water, and pregnant women do not receive proper nutrition, which puts them at risk. There are approximately 335,000 children at risk of malnutrition, which may cause an entire generation to face the risk of stunting and disability due to lack of nutrition. Nutrition as the famine imposed by the occupation continues.

Over one hundred days into the war, Israel destroying Gaza's food system and weaponizing food, say UN human rights experts.

Full report:

- Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla) January 18, 2024

Thus, the hero of the series “The Crown” continues his solidarity with the Palestinian cause. A few days ago, during the 75th annual Emmy Awards ceremony, he made sure to take pictures that revealed what he wrote on his hands in black pen, “Never again,” in reference to the ongoing war. In Palestine.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living.

The dove is from Bethlehem, the scales of justice for everywhere & the #ICJ.

Because all live are sacred.#MLKDay2024 #Emmys2024 #Oct7Day100…

- Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla) January 16, 2024

The actor who played the role of Princess Diana's late friend, Dodi Al-Fayed, during the premiere of the series "The Crown" in Los Angeles, had called for a ceasefire in Gaza, and wrote on his hands, "Stop fire now."

It was a moment to hold in my soul, not just a series of images.

And to my children, I said every time you see me touch my heart it is also for you.

It is from parenthood and childhood that this moment comes.

We cannot have another generation of this violence and this injustice.…

- Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla) December 7, 2023

Regarding the martyrdom of more than 60 journalists while covering the war in Gaza, Mexican actress Melissa Barrera posted pictures of herself, via the Instagram stories feature, wearing a T-shirt bearing the word “Press” designed by Palestinian Jenan Matari.

Barrera wore a T-shirt bearing the names of journalists who were martyred while covering the war in Gaza, designed by Jinan Al-Matari (social networking sites)

Because of her publications in support of Palestine and her condemnation of the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, the company that produced the movie “Scream 7” decided to exclude Barrera from starring in the movie, and she wrote at the time on the occasion of Christmas on her Instagram account, “I hope you do not ignore the fact that you are celebrating the birth of a child (Christ) ) He was persecuted and targeted, and his family was forced to flee to Egypt, while millions of Palestinians from a specific part of the world are now being persecuted, targeted and forced to flee their homes under random and relentless bombardment.

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