The United States has been hit by a cold wave over a wide area this week, and 40 people have died so far due to the cold and snow.

The United States has been hit by a severe cold wave over a wide area from last week to this week, and weather authorities have warned of cold temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds, and icy roads.

According to American media, a total of 40 people have died in traffic accidents caused by the cold and heavy snow in eastern New York state, midwestern Illinois, and western Oregon.

Three people were killed on the 17th in Portland, Oregon's largest city, when power lines fell on cars during stormy weather with strong rain and wind.

According to the local fire department, the three people appeared to have been electrocuted when they got out of the car.

At the time, roads and sidewalks around Portland were covered in ice, making it difficult to walk.

In addition, in the midwestern state of Illinois, the cold weather caused electric cars to run out of batteries and become stuck, and long lines formed at charging facilities. Reuters reported, ``The vulnerabilities of electric cars in extreme weather conditions It has been said that it has brought to light the

According to weather authorities, heavy snow and icy roads are expected to continue over a wide area in the United States into this weekend, and they are calling for caution.