Alexis Delafontaine / Photo credit: SAMUEL ARANDA / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE / Getty Images via AFP 3:41 p.m., January 18, 2024

Several rebellious MPs took to the stage last night with homeless people in order, they say, to “break down the wall of indifference”.

An initiative which arouses controversy to the extent that these elected officials were photographed, during the evening, in a chic brasserie in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. 

The controversy has been growing since Thursday morning.

Last night, several rebellious MPs staged themselves by spending the night with homeless people, with the aim of “breaking the wall of indifference”.

The deputies concerned, wrapped in their down jackets, notably sang for the right to housing before going to bed in tents set up next to the National Assembly.

Yesterday Macron did not have a word about the deaths in the streets.

Not a word about the 3000 homeless children.

With fellow MPs, we shared the rights cake at the DAL camp in Solferino then we slept outside with around thirty homeless families.


— Mathilde Panot (@MathildePanot) January 17, 2024

A dinner in a chic brasserie

A communication operation carefully prepared and presented by MP William Martinet.

“You see, it’s quite rudimentary.

We have a barn, there are tents underneath, inflatable mattresses to protect us from the cold.

Here you see the tricolor sash which means this is an MP's tent.

This is mine.” 



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However, one detail turned this whole story upside down.

Just before going to bed, the rebellious deputies were photographed having dinner in a chic brasserie in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

It didn't take much for Internet users to denounce a discrepancy, or even an obscene staging for political purposes.

“It’s simply a failed communication move,” concludes a Nupes elected official.