Per Bolund's departure as spokesperson offered an opportunity for a fresh start for the Green Party.

After the years in government, the party was tired.

Opinion successes had not materialized and in the election debate the Green Party was criticized from several quarters.

The environmentalists hoped that the change of mouthpiece last autumn would be a turning point.

With a new partner for Märta Stenevi, the party could rise again in public opinion.

In addition, the party was in opposition and the climate issue, the heart of the party, was expected to become an important contentious issue.

The union sounded the alarm

But hopes for a fresh start were dashed even before the congress in Örebro.

Instead, much came to be about criticism of Märta Stenevi, who was accused internally of "toxic top management".

Union representatives sounded the alarm about an "unsustainable" work environment and the party board was forced to appoint an investigation into Stenevis' way of managing the work.

When it then emerged that the election committee intended to propose Daniel Helldén as the new male spokesperson, information was leaked from the party that Märta Stenevi refused to be at the same press conference.

She is said to have advocated for another spokeswoman colleague instead.

This is information that has been refuted by Stenevi, but no matter what, it clearly shows the internal contradictions in the party.

Focus on internal conflicts

There was thus no fresh start for the Green Party.

Instead, the focus has been directed towards the internal conflicts and dissatisfaction with Stenevi.

Daniel Helldén was also elected with the smallest possible margin, the preponderance of a single vote.

It shows that the support for him is not exactly overwhelming.

When news has now arrived that Stenevi is on sick leave for an indefinite period, it indicates that the contradictions in the party continue.

According to SVT's sources, there is continued dissatisfaction in the organization with Stenevis' way of leading the work.

The uncertainty surrounding Stenevis' future

The investigation into the internal work environment must be completed within one month.

How the results of this will be presented is unclear.

However, new criticism of Märta Stenevi may make her position untenable.

However, the party is in a difficult situation.

Märta Stenevi was re-elected at the congress last fall and no one has openly challenged her.

She is currently elected to the next congress in 2025.

The pressure on Märta Stenevi is great, not least because of the internal criticism.

The state of opinion is also still worrying for the party.

Despite the fact that there was a lot of focus on climate policy during the autumn and winter, and criticism of the government's climate policy, there are no clear signs of increased voter support for the Green Party.

This week's no-confidence vote against climate and environment minister Romina Pourmokhtari (L) was also a failure for the Green Party, which helped push the vote forward.

Doesn't have to mean that much

Now one of the mouthpieces is leaving the political scene indefinitely.

It doesn't have to mean much.

The new mouthpiece Daniel Helldén may in some sense have better opportunities to profile himself as leader of the Green Party.

In the upcoming EU elections, the party is also represented by well-known politicians who hardly need any help from the mouthpieces.

On the other hand, the uncertainty surrounding Märta Stenevis's future as spokesperson means room for new speculation about the situation in the party.

That kind of discussion rarely attracts new voters to a party.