Wizz Air decided to extend the suspension of flights to and from Israel for another 3 months (Reuters)

The Hungarian airline "Wizz Air" decided to extend the suspension of its flights to and from Israel until next March, in the latest expectation of a continuation of the crisis in the Middle East with the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which has entered its fourth month, and led to the death of about 23,58 Palestinians and the injury of more than <>,<> others, most of them children and women, in addition to great destruction.

The low-cost carrier canceled all flights to and from Tel Aviv for another three months due to unwillingness to travel to Israel and threats surrounding aviation from the ongoing war in Gaza, noting that it would continue to monitor the situation regularly.

The Hungarian airline halted most of its flights to and from Israel in the early days of Operation Maximum Flood, except for a few irregular flights.

The official broadcaster said the airline's decision meant the cancellation of thousands of tickets for Israelis, adding that "the company was normally operating more than 100 flights a week to and from Israel."

The airline is a low-cost carrier compared to other airlines and is the most prominent carrier for European travelers to and from Israel; it announced in October that it would suspend flights to and from Israel until the end of 2023 due to security tensions.

Ben Gurion Airport is almost empty of passengers after many flights canceled (Anatolia)

On December 18, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation said that Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv had suffered a strong economic blow following the war on the Gaza Strip by announcing the removal of 600 employees on unpaid leave and the reduction of wages of a thousand others.

It quoted the Israel Airports Authority as saying: "Despite the sharp decline in air traffic to and from Israel as a result of the war, the Airports Authority has so far refrained from taking some workers on unpaid leave."

The Israel Airports Authority said it was working to return international airlines to Israel as soon as possible, noting that "the German company Lufthansa, which also includes the Swiss and Austrian companies, has already announced the operation of its flights from Israel on January 8."

Most international companies have suspended flights to and from the airport since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza last October.

Source: Agencies