Israel Police gather at the scene of the vehicular attack (social media)

Two Israeli policemen were lightly injured on Sunday as a result of a vehicular attack near the settlement of Gif'on, northwest of Jerusalem, while the perpetrator was killed by Israeli police bullets.

Israeli Army Radio and the broadcaster said the two policemen were wounded Monday in a vehicular attack northwest of Jerusalem.

Israeli media reported that 3 Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli police at the site of the vehicular attack northwest of Jerusalem during the shooting at the perpetrator, including a 3-year-old Palestinian girl.

Press coverage: Scenes from the scene of the vehicular attack at the jeep checkpoint, northwest of Jerusalem.

— Quds News Network (@qudsn) January 7, 2024

The last vehicular attack took place on December 29 near Hebron in the occupied West Bank, wounding 5 Israeli soldiers and killing the perpetrator.

The Qassam Brigades also claimed a vehicular attack on November 30 that killed four Israelis, including a rabbi.

This comes amid the continued raids and arrests in the occupied West Bank, coinciding with the occupation aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip, which resulted in the death of 22,835 Palestinians.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies