The Governor of the Moscow Region, Andrei Vorobyov, asked the Investigative Committee to intervene in the situation with a private boiler house in the Klimovsk microdistrict in Podolsk, which was left without heat.

"The boiler house is run by private owners - the owners did not want to get in touch with us and disappeared. Therefore, we will solve the issue in a different way," he wrote on Telegram.

According to Vorobyov, he will ask the Investigative Committee to file a petition with the court to transfer the boiler house to a municipal enterprise.

On the morning of January 7, the head of the Moscow region published a message on his Telegram channel about the situation with the boiler house in Klimovsk, a microdistrict of Podolsk affected by a lack of heat.

"The owner of a private boiler house allowed an accident, the circumstances of which are being investigated by law enforcement agencies," he said. Enterprises from different districts of the Moscow region were involved in the liquidation of the consequences.

According to the governor, there were 170 houses in Klimovsk that were left without heating.

"For the second day in a row, the forces of the housing and communal services of the Moscow region have been eliminating these shortcomings that were made. The work is very difficult. A large city was left without heat. During this time, we were able to launch 170 out of 60 houses," the press service of the regional government quotes the governor as saying.

Also on the "We are starting to connect apartment buildings": the authorities of Podolsk announced the stabilization of the boiler house after the accident

According to him, the condition of the heating system could pose a problem, as pipes and radiators could be partially frozen. At the same time, the governor noted that many emergency crews have been mobilized, who are working to connect houses to heat as quickly as possible.

At the time of emergency work in the microdistrict, a temporary accommodation center was organized in the Yunost sports center, Vorobyov said.

"We distribute heaters, extra blankets to everyone who needs it, there were requests for food, two families are accommodated in a municipal hotel," he wrote.

Evgeny Khromushin, Vice-Governor of the Moscow Region, clarified that taking into account the violation of the parameters of heat supply, the payment for housing and communal services for heating will be recalculated.

"We will also calculate the additional consumption for electricity, because people are heated by electric heaters and will have to pay more because of this. All this is compensated by them," he added.

The night before, the chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to check all the facts of restrictions on the supply of energy resources in the settlements of the Moscow region.

As noted in the publication of the Investigative Committee, residents of the urban districts of Chekhov, Solnechnogorsk, Balashikha, Lobnya, Podolsk, Khimki, as well as Lyubertsy, Ramenskoye and Naro-Fominsk faced similar problems.

"The temperature in residential premises does not meet the standards, there are utility accidents, numerous power outages are recorded. Hundreds of residential buildings, healthcare and educational institutions were left without heating and hot water," the Investigative Committee noted.

Later, the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Moscow Region announced the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of the situation with heat in Podolsk. It was specified that searches were carried out in the premises of the organization servicing the boiler house, technical documentation was seized, and the management was interrogated.