On the 4th, the last Sunday of the election for Taiwan's presidential election, which is held once every four years, the three candidates each appealed for support at a large-scale rally and are engaged in a fierce battle over issues such as relations with China.

In Taiwan, the 13th was the last Sunday before the presidential election on the 7th of this month, and the three candidates held a large rally in Kaohsiung, which has the largest number of voters in the south.

Among them, Mr. Yori Ching-toku of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, which has shown a stance against Chinese pressure, appealed for support, saying, "In the face of the threat of China, we must be even more united and united," and expressed his intention to strengthen cooperation with the United States and other democratic camps.

On the other hand, Hou Youyi of the Kuomintang Party, the main opposition party that advocates for greater exchanges with China, criticized the DPP administration, saying, "The Taiwan Strait is said to be the most dangerous place in the world, but I will defend the peace," and emphasized the need for a change of government.

Ke Wen-che of the People's Party, the second opposition party, criticized the two major political parties, saying, "Taiwan does not belong only to the DPP or the KMT, let's win the election and take back Taiwan," and appealed for a new politics in Taiwan.

The election campaign seems to be centered on Mr. Hou and Mr. Ke chasing Mr. Li, who is in the lead, and each candidate is consolidating his own support base and fighting fiercely to win over independents.