Russia's military invasion of Ukraine continues.

Russian and Ukrainian forces continue to fight in various parts of Ukraine, and many civilians are fleeing the country. We will update you on the situation in Ukraine on the 8th (Japan time), including the situation of the battle and the diplomacy of the countries concerned.

(There is a 7-hour time difference between Japan and Ukraine, and 6 hours with Moscow, Russia.)

Russian military attack continues, 12 people injured in damage to educational facilities in eastern Dnipro

In Ukraine, where Russia's military invasion continues, Russian troops continue to attack until the 7th, and people are injured in eastern Dnipro.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on the 7th that there were attacks using 6 suicide drones and missiles by Russian troops from the night of the 7th to the 28th, and 21 of them were shot down.

According to Reuters, 12 people were injured in the eastern city of Dnipro in a series of attacks, and educational facilities and apartment buildings were damaged.

In the video taken at the scene, you can see that the window glass of the apartment building has been blown off and almost gone, and part of the wall is charred.

Foreign Minister Kamikawa Visits Kyiv and Announces Support for Provision of Generators

In the capital Kyiv, Foreign Minister Kamikawa met with Ukrainian government ministers on July 7 and announced that Japan will provide assistance such as providing five new gas turbine generators to overcome the harsh winter.

Russia has repeatedly attacked power plants and power transmission facilities in various parts of Ukraine since the military invasion of Otoshi, and it is said that Ukraine's power supply capacity is only about 5%.

Ukraine's Energy Minister Halushchenko said that the equipment provided by the Japan will be prioritized for deployment in areas where power shortages are severe, and expressed his gratitude, saying, "I am sincerely grateful to Japan for their support immediately after the Russian invasion.