American YouTuber Hamza Saadeh randomly interviews young men and women from Israel (social media)

A girl who said she was a soldier in the Israeli army admitted that she killed 5 Palestinian children, expressing in an interview with an American "YouTuber" that she was happy with what she did.

Palestinian-American YouTuber Hamza Saadeh posted a video on his Instagram page on Saturday in which he transcribed an interview he had on the application "Omigel" with a girl (whose name was not mentioned) who said she was Israeli and a soldier in the army.

During the interview, the girl asked him, "Are you Israeli?" to which Hamza replied, "I am Palestinian." The girl asks him, do you love Palestine? I'll kill you! Hamza asks her, are you okay? Calm down so that the girl repeats the same word: I will kill you!"

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Hamza asked, "Have you ever killed Palestinians? To which she replies: Yes. Five Palestinians were killed. 5 Palestinian children! The YouTuber repeated the question with astonishment, did you really kill 5 Palestinian children?! To reply: Yes, yes."

The girl continued her speech to Hamza: "You love Palestine, I will kill you!. The YouTuber expressed his wonder at her words and asked her surprised, because I love Palestine you will kill me? Yes, yes, you don't like me and I don't like Palestine, do you understand? Hamza replied, "You're crazy."

Hamza commented on the clip on the X platform: "The Israelis continue to expose themselves directly to the camera. How bad."

🇵🇸🇮🇱 "I killed 5 Palestinian babies. If you love Palestine, I'll kill you."

Israelis continue to expose themselves live on camera. How disgusting.

— Hamzah Saadah (@Hamzah_1948) January 6, 2024

On December 30, Hamza posted a video that included a quick interview with two Israelis: "You are killing Palestinian children?" Only two this morning."

🇵🇸 "You guys kill Palestinian kids?"

🇮🇱 "yes, I don't know what to do. Just 2 this morning."

— Hamzah Saadah (@Hamzah_1948) December 30, 2023

On December 21, Hamza interviewed an Israeli girl who said, "Palestine. We kill your children. It's very funny. Damn these children."

In another clip, an Israeli girl claimed that every bomb that falls on Gaza kills less than one person, which provoked the ridicule of YouTuber Hamza, who expressed his wonder, saying, "It kills half a human being, what nonsense?!"

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In another clip, a young Israeli man admitted that his country's army had killed about 30,<> Palestinians, and when Hamza asked him, did you know that more than half of those killed in Gaza were children?

The young Israeli replied, "When these children grow up, you know what they will do to us? You are a Muslim and you think exactly like Hamas there are no reasons why we should keep the Palestinians alive, they must all be killed. They say Palestine is their land, and in fact it is not."

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YouTuber Hamza Saadeh is 21 years old and calls himself on social media as "Upsurber" and lives in Houston, Texas in the United States of America.

Hamza has about 6 million followers on TikTok and more than 3 million followers on his YouTube channel, and recently Hamza is best known for giving interviews on the Omigel app with Israeli young men and girls.

Since Oct. 7, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, leaving 22,835 martyrs and 58,416 wounded, massive infrastructure destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, according to Gaza authorities and the United Nations.

Source : Al Jazeera + Social Media