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Analysts and former Israeli officials criticized the war government, saying it was responsible for implicating the army in the Gaza Strip to achieve its own political goals, while a family member said there was systematic incitement against them.

Eran Etzion, former deputy head of the National Security Council, said Israel was strategically involved in Gaza without a way out, stressing that the current government "is not qualified to lead the army or to lead the state in a way that brings it closer to victory."

"With all due respect to the tactical and practical successes, it has been clear from the beginning that the government and its president (Benjamin Netanyahu) refrain from setting strategic political goals for personal reasons, and this has been abusing us since the first day of the war and has brought us to a certain stage," Etzion said.

I've never seen anything like this.

Former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, "The war government is talking about unity, while what we have seen over the past few days is a high-caliber shooting between Netanyahu, Yoav Galant (defense minister) and Benny Gantz (a member of the war council)."

"I was a member of the mini-council years ago but I have never seen anything like this happen while we have to look for a way to change the situation in the north (on Lebanon's border)," Liberman said.

Rap Aryeh, a leader of the organization For a Jewish Identity, said that members of the government are "busy campaigning at this time," adding that they "are contacting community and media leaders in order to restore discord within Israeli society because they believe that what takes us back is what will solve the problem."

"They need the former military leaders to tell them let's end this war," he said.

Finally, Danny Elgart, the brother of one of the prisoners, said that there is an incitement campaign against the prisoners' families accusing them of being the culprits, adding, "Someone shouted at me while I was in the street: let them bomb the 140 kidnapped (prisoners) and end this problem."

Source : Al Jazeera