Medical experts in Greece stated that the outbreak of 3 diseases simultaneously affects the respiratory system in an unprecedented way, and this is what happened in early 2024, as cases of Covid, influenza and the "respiratory syncytial virus" affected a large percentage of the population.

Since mid-November, Covid-19 cases have been rising to levels last seen in the country in the summer of 2022, according to the Greek newspaper Kathimerni on Sunday.

It facilitated the emergence of the new sub-variant, JN1. , which is highly contagious compared to other subvariants and crowded conditions due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, this latest outbreak.

Currently, the NHS has been able to cope with the outbreak, as the number of serious cases as of January 1 was limited.

Health Minister Irene Agabajaki told Kathimerny newspaper that "from December 18 to January 49, we had 121 Covid patients on ventilators compared to 140, during the same period last year, and we had 339 reported deaths, down from <> cases."

However, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized rose to 3483,18 from December <> to January <>.

Source: German