Former Israeli Foreign Ministry official Noga Erbil (social media)

A former Israeli Foreign Ministry official has called for the immediate destruction of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to win the war in the Gaza Strip.

A video posted by former Israeli Foreign Ministry official Nuga Erbil on her X page on Saturday documented her demand in the Israeli Knesset to destroy the UN body.

Erbil said in an intervention to the Knesset's Foreign Affairs Committee: "Of the 6.7 million Palestinians, 5.9 million were registered with UNRWA, including poor Palestinians who lived in Jerusalem in 1948, and UNRWA has the intention of re-entering these millions of refugees into Israel again."

This has GOT to be one of the most ridiculous posts ever.

It is repeating something completely TRUE, that I've repeatedly said myself, that have been discussed at LEGTH on X two month ago (and wasn't breaking news then since I SAID IT MYSELF time and again).

But its somehow...

— נגה ארבל Noga Arbell (@NogaArbell) January 7, 2024

"Any refugee can register with UNRWA over the phone, and it is not the Palestinian Authority that provides services to all these people, but UNRWA services reach terrorists in Gaza."

"UNRWA is indoctrinating Palestinians with the belief that the genocide of Jews and the destruction of Israel is the only way for them to return home and live. UNRWA has been the educational seed of the evil committed against us, which is why UNRWA must go."

"UNRWA creates terrorists and supports terrorism, and it has become the source of a lot of violence in Israel, which is why it must cease to exist. It will not be possible to win the war if we do not destroy UNRWA. This destruction must begin immediately."

Noga Erbil is a political strategy researcher and former official at the Israeli Foreign Ministry's Center for Policy Research.

What is UNRWA?

In November 1948, the United Nations established an organization called the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees to provide aid to Palestinian refugees and coordinate services provided to them by nongovernmental organizations and other United Nations organizations.

On December 8, 1949, by General Assembly Resolution 302, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) was established as a temporary ad hoc agency, to renew its mandate every three years until a just solution to the question of Palestine was found.

UNRWA began operations on May 1950, <>, taking over the functions of a previously established relief organization, and receiving the records of Palestinian refugees from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The agency is headquartered in Vienna and Amman, Jordan, and serves about 5 million people, 476,283 students are enrolled in its schools, and <>,<> refugees are supported through the social safety net.

MSF treats tens of thousands of patients in 139 health centres and 117 dental clinics.

FAO provides food to more than one million and 200,300 Palestine refugees across the Middle East, as well as safe housing for more than one million and 58,<> refugees in <> official refugee camps.

For 10 years, UNRWA has faced funding shortfalls, and each year the shortfall rolls over to the next, despite appeals at the beginning of each year to raise US$ 1.6 billion for its programmes, operations and emergency response in Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank – which includes East Jerusalem – the Gaza Strip and Jordan.

The UN says 10 years of funding shortfalls have severely affected the quality of some of the agency's services.

Source : Al Jazeera + Social Media