Foreign Minister Kamikawa met with President Zelensky in Ukraine, where he was visiting, and conveyed that Japan will continue its stance of continuing support amid indications of "support fatigue" from Europe and the United States.

The meeting was held in the capital Kyiv on the evening of the 7th Japan time for approximately one hour, and President Zelensky expressed his sympathy for the damage caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

He also expressed his gratitude for Japan's support so far, and expressed his expectation for further support through collaboration between the public and private sectors for the Japan-Ukraine Economic Recovery Promotion Conference to be held in Japan next month.

In response, Foreign Minister Kamikawa stated, "We will never waver in our stance of Japan to stand with Ukraine in the future," and conveyed Japan's stance of continuing to provide assistance as a Japan amid indications of "support fatigue" from Europe and the United States.

Prior to this, Minister Kamikawa also met with Prime Minister Shmyhal and expressed his intention to compile more than 1 cooperation documents at the Reconstruction Promotion Council.

After a series of meetings, I observed the activities of UNICEF = United Nations Children's Fund, which supports children in conflict.

Minister Kamikawa told reporters, "While international interest in Ukraine is said to have declined, my visit was able to convey to the international community Japan's unwavering stance of supporting Ukraine toward the realization of lasting peace.