Tatiana Geiselmann, edited by Philippe Folgado // Photo credit: Aline Morcillo / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 19:03 p.m., January 07, 2024

The cold wave is coming to France this week. In addition to planning down jackets and hats, you now need to know if your car will start. That's why motorists and garage owners are bracing for a tough week. As the special correspondent of Europe 1 was able to observe in the Strasbourg region.

When the mercury went negative four years ago, it was impossible for Fabien, a carer, to take his car to work: "When you realise that your car won't leave, you are forced to cancel all your services. So now, as soon as it's too cold, I go to the garage, I need the car too much."

"There's a lot of chance that the batteries will run out"

Laurent, on the other hand, is much more carefree. He simply plans to leave his car parked outside: "I just have the scraper with the little glove that fits well and that will be enough. 30 seconds of scratching and you should be fine." And if things don't go well, he can always call Nami Kara, manager of the breakdown company, who has also taken the lead: "With temperatures going to minus five degrees, there's a good chance that the batteries will run out. So I stocked up about <> stocks for the week."

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Another problem that can present itself to motorists is the handbrake that remains blocked: "Everything that is a rear brake, it freezes, it stays stuck and it doesn't loosen anymore". So his advice to avoid finding yourself in this situation: "For my vehicle, I always get used to just putting on a gear". One last tip, before leaving your car in the street, put socks on the windshield wipers to prevent them from freezing too.