Bloomberg quoted analysts expecting a possible slowdown in the pace of manufacturing, which will affect delivery targets (Getty Images)

U.S. planemaker Boeing is facing a series of setbacks in quality affecting the 737 Max. The latest incident involved the door of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 plane that grounded 171 planes and raised doubts about the reliability of Boeing's manufacturing operations.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Commission is investigating the troubling event, focusing on Boeing's manufacturing process and the components surrounding the door opening. That has cast a strained shadow over Boeing's relationship with one of its main suppliers, Spirit Aero Systems, to scrutinize its operations after recent quality issues.

Richard Hilling, a former member of the Transportation Safety Committee, raised concerns about the potential mismanufacturing associated with door locking mechanisms and technology, stressing the need for a thorough investigation.

Boeing confirmed its full cooperation with regulators and customers by requesting an immediate inspection of the 737-9 aircraft similar in design to the damaged aircraft, while analysts predict potential disruptions to Boeing's manufacturing plans for 2024.

Turkish Airlines says it has put 5 Boeing 737 MAX 9 jets under scrutiny for flight safety (Getty Images)

Analysts expect a possible slowdown in the pace of manufacturing, weighing on delivery targets for the year.

The stumbling block comes at a critical time for Boeing, as investors expect an increase in money supply and a return to manufacturing rates before 2019. The company is under pressure to maintain quality standards and deliver flawless aircraft to maintain customer confidence.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun is facing a series of quality lapses that affect investor confidence in his efficiency, and what happened calls for a more focused turn on Boeing's management strategies, as Calhoun previously stated that he aims to stabilize the company after the turbulent consequences of two fatal 737 MAX crashes almost 5 years ago, noting in a previous statement that it is an "important transition year" for the company.

Beijing suspended delivery of 737 MAX jets by Chinese companies as a result.

More recently, Boeing has had to delay deliveries due to problems with the airframe, especially in its rear section.

At the end of December, Boeing delivered more than 1370,737 copies of the 4 MAX and received orders for <>,<> copies.

Boeing 737 MAX lands during assessment flight at Boeing Field in Seattle (Reuters - Archive)


The window of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max crashed while on a flight in Oregon. Alaska Airlines said in a statement that the plane made an emergency landing safely without casualties 35 minutes after takeoff.

The company said it would examine its fleet of 65 aircraft of the same model, and that it would take a few days. On Saturday, the company stopped all its fleet of the model.

The specialized site "FlightAware" indicated that the plane, which was carrying 171 passengers and 6 crew members, was at an altitude of 5,<> meters.

Some 218 copies of the model have been delivered so far, according to data obtained by AFP from Boeing.

The plane received approval in October, according to FAAs available online.

Source: Bloomberg