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The emotion of a British presenter while hosting the Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, Mustafa Barghouti, and her screaming at him, accusing him of not being used to having a woman speak, provoked angry reactions that went as far as demanding her investigation and dismissal.

The presenter Julia Hartley Brewer appeared – on the British channel "Talk TV" – and she is emotional and tense during her interview with Barghouti, who was talking about the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, and trying to shed light on the corruption cases that pursue Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The presenter interrupted her guest more than once, telling him when he tried to talk about Netanyahu's corruption cases: "We don't have enough time to talk about Netanyahu's history, he is not a popular figure in Israel."

She also attacked Barghouti personally, shouting, "Maybe you're not used to having a woman talking," to which Barghouti replied, "You're misleading the audience with what I just said," and then the presenter ended by apologizing for being a woman talking to him.

According to Middle East Eye, commentators and observers have called on the British Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (OFCOM) to open an investigation against the presenter because of her actions and the manner in which she interacted with Barghouti.

"Bias and unprofessionalism"

Shabakat (7/1/2024) monitored part of the British public's comments on what Brewer did, including what Antonio wrote: "She should be fired from her job because of her biased attitude and lack of professionalism. Do you think she dares to talk to an Israeli official in that tone?"

While Tiffany tweeted: "This woman is terrible, and she should be reminded of the basic rules of interviewing and the general understanding of literature! Especially if it is watched by millions. She is a great shame and must be replaced from her job. She's not eligible for it."

Peter opined that the interview "wasn't nice, because Julia openly showed prejudice against Mustafa because of who he was, not based on what he said or how he said what he said," arguing that the use of the word woman "undermines the concept of feminism."

Amin wrote, "This is how the Western media behaves when its argument is weak!. Barghouti seemed confident in his words, in his principles, and that the truth is with him, but her hatred prevailed over her professionalism."

In turn, Barghouti said that his calm in the face of the announcer's screams is due to the fact that he does not address her, but rather addresses her audience, so his goal is not to convince her, but to reach her followers and correct the incorrect ideas some of them have about the Palestinians, adding, "We must confront him with the facts. The media is a form of resistance."

Source : Al Jazeera