Funeral of Jenin martyrs who were bombed by an Israeli march while sitting on the sidewalk (Anatolia)

The number of martyrs in the occupied West Bank rose on Sunday to 8 Palestinians, after a young man was killed by Israeli bullets in Ramallah and another in Jenin, after announcing in the morning the death of 6 young men - including 4 brothers - in the bombing of an Israeli march near the southern entrance to Jenin.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that the death toll of Jenin had risen to 7, while the Palestinian news agency Wafa confirmed that the seven martyrs were sitting on the edge of the sidewalk near the Martyrs' Roundabout, south of Jenin, and there were no clashes in the area, when the occupation march executed them.

An Israeli force stormed the city of Jenin, its camp and several neighbourhoods at dawn, and exchanges of fire and explosions were heard.

For its part, the Jenin Brigades, affiliated with the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, announced the targeting of Israeli forces that stormed the city, leaving dead and wounded in their ranks.

Soldier killed

For its part, the Israeli police confirmed that one of its operatives was killed during the operation in the city of Jenin when an explosive device exploded in a military vehicle.

Police added that the explosion wounded three other members, without explaining the extent of its severity.

Martyr in Ramallah

In Ramallah, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the death of a young man from critical wounds sustained by Israeli gunfire in the town of Abwein, north of the city.

Thus, the number of martyrs in the West Bank has risen to 334 since the seventh of last October.

The Ministry of Health announced the death of a young man in Ramallah, as a result of his wounds by Israeli bullets following the outbreak of clashes in the town following the incursion of the occupation forces, and two other citizens were injured during the clashes.

For its part, the Israeli army announced the death of a civilian in a shooting attack near the British police junction north of the city of Ramallah, and the army did not clarify whether the perpetrator of the attack was killed, nor added any other information.

According to Israel's Internal Security Service, at least 41 Israelis were killed in operations carried out by Palestinians in 2023 in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

Watch | The car of the settler who was shot dead between Ramallah and Nablus at what is known as the Oyoun al-Haramiyeh junction

— Shehab News Agency (@ShehabAgency) January 7, 2024

Casualties in Tulkarm

In Tulkarm governorate, 3 Palestinians were injured during the incursion of the Israeli occupation forces into the town of Zita in the north of the governorate, while the Palestinian Red Crescent announced that 4 Palestinians were injured by Israeli occupation forces' bullets, one of whom was described as seriously injured during clashes that erupted in the towns of Balaa and Anabta, east of the governorate.

According to local sources, the occupation forces stormed the neighborhoods and deployed there to arrest those they describe as "wanted", and positioned themselves in the center of the town of Balaa, and clashes broke out with Palestinians while they were confronting the incursion.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies