"Hello, this is the national security organ's report acceptance number, how can I help you?"

"This platform accepts reports of leads on situations that endanger the national security of the People's Republic of China discovered by individuals and organizations. ”

A cordial question full of a sense of security, a simple and clear warm reminder, this is the opening remark of the state security organs when they receive reports from the masses. In 2023, the broad masses of the people actively reported a large number of valuable clues to the state security organs, providing strong support for the state security organs to discover, prevent, stop and punish all kinds of activities that endanger national security, and played a unique and important role in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests.

In order to further increase the degree of commendation and reward for citizens' reporting, in 2023, the state security organs selected a total of 2 winners of particularly significant contributions, 29 major contributions, and 54 important contributions, and gave spiritual and material rewards respectively. Among them, three award-winning personnel from Guangxi and Yunnan were also awarded the advanced title of "Righteousness and Courage", which was commended by the local government, fully demonstrating the righteousness of the times when the people in the new era jointly built the Great Wall of Anti-espionage Steel.

Recently, the Ministry of State Security produced a news propaganda film entitled "Building a Solid National Security People's Defense Line", which tells about typical cases of citizens reporting acts endangering national security in recent years, as well as illegal cases of individuals maliciously calling 12339 in many places to report and accept calls.

Case 1: Beware of "Passerby A" with ulterior motives

One evening, Zhang, as usual, walked to the subway station near his unit after work. Not long after leaving the gate of the unit, a foreign man came up to talk to him, waiting for an opportunity to inquire about China's state secrets......

Case 2: Cut off the black hand that reaches out to my important basic data

Through the 12339 online reporting platform, some people reported that an overseas consulting agency collected a large amount of sensitive information such as the production and operation status of Chinese enterprises in the name of carrying out enterprise consulting business, and sent it overseas, causing potential harm to the security of basic data in important fields such as China's economy and finance, information technology, and biomedicine.

Case 3: There is a "bad wolf" in the depths of the jungle

Shortly after the official implementation of the "Biosecurity Law", some people called the 12339 reporting hotline to report, reflecting that a foreign research institution recruited volunteers in China in the name of carrying out biological species research activities, misled and induced them to illegally collect data and information on the distribution of biological species in China without knowing it, and used special mobile phone software to transmit it abroad, causing potential harm to China's biological security and ecological security.

Case 4: National security is no trivial matter, and false accusations and frame-ups are illegal

Citizens who discover suspicious situations that endanger national security should take the initiative to report them to the state security organs, but they must never treat the report as child's play. For example, Li maliciously called the 12339 reporting number in many places more than 20 times, falsely claiming that he was threatened by spies, and Zhao called the 12339 reporting number to falsely accuse the other party of engaging in terrorism-related activities because he had an economic dispute with others. Li and Zhao were both sentenced to administrative detention for their illegal acts.

Reminder from the state security organs

National security is everyone's responsibility. Safeguarding national security is where the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups in the country lie. Let us work together to unswervingly implement the overall national security concept, build an impregnable national security and people's defense line, guarantee the new development pattern with a new security pattern, and gather majestic people's strength to escort the construction of a strong country and national rejuvenation.

When citizens discover suspicious circumstances endangering national security, they should promptly report through the 12339 reporting acceptance telephone, the online reporting platform (www.12339.gov.cn), the Ministry of State Security's WeChat official account reporting acceptance channel, or directly to the local national security organs, and cooperate with and assist in carrying out investigations and collecting evidence. State security organs will give commendations and awards to individuals and organizations that report espionage conduct or make major contributions to counter-espionage efforts in accordance with relevant state provisions. (Ministry of State Security WeChat public account Anping)