Part of the Israeli bombardment targeting the Gaza Strip (European)

A number of award-winning filmmakers, including the Oscars and Palme d'Or, published an open letter calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of detainees.

In their letter, the directors, led by Israeli director Nadav Lapid, winner of the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear for "Synonymous Words" and the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize for "The Knee," described what is happening in the Gaza Strip as a "massacre of extreme proportions."

The signatories of the letter, published by the French newspaper Liberation, wrote: "The horrific acts of violence that took place on the seventh of last October led Israelis and Palestinians to a new chapter of violence and cruelty."

"In Gaza, a massacre of extreme proportions is now taking place, killing thousands of children and women and depriving an entire people of any chance of survival. We demand an immediate cessation of shelling in Gaza, the establishment of humanitarian corridors, the provision of humanitarian assistance demanded by all international organizations, and the immediate release of the abductees."

Among the signatories of the letter, in addition to Lapid, are Finnish director Aki Korismaki (who directed "The Fallen Leaves"), Hungarian director La Tarr, Japanese director Ryosuke Maguchi, winner of the Academy Award for International Film for "Mr. Yusuke's Leadership," French director Claire Denis, American director Ira Sachs, Frenchman Arthur Harari and German director Christian Petzold.

Source: Israeli Press