Children and infants in one of Israel's daily massacres in Gaza (Reuters)

Writer Abdul Rahman al-Jundi said in a report in the Washington Post that the recent events in Gaza made Arabs talk about "this world was never built to accommodate them."

Even in the most progressive circles, Arabs represent a turbulent state that cannot be tolerated, he said.

Between the situation of the Arabs between the homelands that crushed them and the countries of exile, it seems that there will be no life before death, and if this is what the average person feels, then how is the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza?

Soldier said he knew that the façade of Western moral superiority had collapsed, and called on Arabs to get rid of the feeling of "inner inferiority" and work to "forge our way back to language and history: our language and history, and gather around our collective grief and moaning."

Fundamental questions

Arabs are asking fundamental questions about their place in the world, as they begin to realize that their "controllability" is not a failure of the world order but one of its core functions.

When he emerged from Egypt in 2020 after his release from prison, he sought rebirth and recognition as a suffering body, highlighting that he did not have any romantic ideas about the American dream.

He said he was often confronted with the condescending notion that his emigration was the pursuit of higher values, not an escape from the chaos wrought by the wars imposed by the United States, the kings and military dictatorships that Washington has erected and continues to support, or the environmental devastation caused by Washington.

Accusations specific to Arabs

The soldier spoke of attending a recent pro-Palestinian rally in Pittsburgh, where demonstrators carried their banners in solidarity and chanted "End the occupation" and "Stop shooting now."

The protesters quickly chanted, "We Arabs are respectable, civilized, peaceful, we are not anti-Semites and we are not savages as they claim."

Suddenly, the writer heard his wife screaming, as a huge and bald white American man threw her and many other protesters to the ground, and began insulting the protesters and calling them hateful descriptions, before a group of demonstrators surrounded him and pushed him towards the police at the site.

"The look in his eyes was unforgettable, one full of neither hatred, nor violence, but of confidence that he would never be described as a terrorist or a barbarian," he said, because they seemed to be specific to Arabs only.

Source: Washington Post