The Pyrotechnic Society at Luleå University of Technology has previously handled Luleå municipality's big New Year's fireworks display and they have also been in other cities. But this year, the students have their own New Year's fireworks display at LTU.

Paying for themselves

The pyrotechnics pay for this year's fireworks themselves.

It must be expensive?

"Yes, it can be, but it's something we value for educational purposes," says Tova Gillberg, "and we want to keep it as a New Year's tradition."

Safety comes first

Police permission is ready and right now it is packed for the effects that will be in place on the large green area next to the university in Luleå.

There will be ten firing sites and guards will patrol the area so that no unauthorized persons enter the firing range.

Nowadays, everything is programmed in a computer and at the time of shooting, you just press a button.

"You can light it manually, but it's not as safe," says Alex Holmgård, of the Swedish Pyrotechnic Society.

Email to warn pet owners

On the Pyrotechnic Society's website, you can sign up to receive so-called "dog emails". This will provide information about the times and places where you should be prepared for fireworks.