The Chinese Communist Party's important meeting, the "Three Chinese Plenary Sessions," which was expected to be held in the fall, passed the year without being held. In China, difficult policy management is required due to the prolonged slump in the real estate market, and there is a view that it is taking time for the Xi Jinping leadership to compile effective measures.

The Communist Party of China's "Three Plenary Meetings" is the third plenary meeting held by the Central Committee, which acts as an authority for the Party Congress, which is held once every five years, and is mainly used to decide on the management of the country's economic policies.

According to custom, it was supposed to be held in the fall, about a year after the Party Congress, but it was not held and the year passed.

In China, against the backdrop of a prolonged slump in the real estate market and a severe employment situation, uncertainty is spreading about the outlook for the economy, and difficult policy management is required.

There is a view that the Xi Jinping leadership is taking time to compile countermeasures, and attention is being paid to when the meeting will be held, as the sense of caution about the Chinese economy may further intensify if effective measures are not shown regarding the delay in holding the conference.