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Having been the 2023 Ambassador for Palestine Refugees to the United Nations before the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, Ahmed Marwan Abu Daqqa became a bedsitter due to Israeli shelling that targeted him and resulted in an injury that prevented him from walking on his feet.

This Palestinian child, as stated in a previous speech, wished that one day the children of Gaza, refugee students and Palestinian students in general would wake up with optimism and not with fear, but today they wake up with fear, Ahmad said.

Ahmed, 15, says his dreams were big, but today his dream is to walk again and travel abroad to complete his treatment.

After his appointment as Ambassador of Palestine Refugees to the United Nations, the Palestinian child was active in student parliaments.

According to his father, Dr. Marwan Daqqa, he was surprised by shrapnel that intervened in Ahmed's right foot as a result of Israeli shelling, which led to its fracture.

When young men who were nearby came to help him, they were targeted by another missile.

Ahmed, as his father revealed, was unable to get out of bed in the first two weeks of his injury.

Source : Al Jazeera