, December 12 -- Chen Binhua, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said on December 30 that Lai Qingde advocated the fallacy of "Taiwan independence" and peddled the "two-state theory" at the debate meeting on December 30, slandered and attacked the mainland, and clamored for "seeking independence by force".

A reporter asked, the 2024 TV debate on the candidates for the leadership of the Taiwan region will be held on the 30th. Democratic Progressive Party candidate Lai Ching-te claimed "Taiwan's sovereignty and independence" at the debate; distorting the "<> Consensus" and clamoring for "no subordination to each other" between the two sides of the strait; slandering the mainland as "the greatest threat to Taiwan's existence", declaring that it will "strengthen national defense" and that the Taiwanese people will "unite to face China's threat"; Smearing the cross-strait agreement on trade in services "will affect all industries and industries, and will also cause unrest in Taiwanese society"; Wait a minute. Do you have any comment?

In this regard, Chen Binhua said that at the debate meeting on 30 July, Lai Qingde propagated the fallacy of "Taiwan independence" and peddled the "two-state theory," slandered and attacked the mainland, and clamored for "seeking independence by force." His words were full of confrontational thinking, once again exposing his true features as a stubborn "Taiwan independence worker," "saboteur of peace across the Taiwan Strait," and "a dangerous creator of war in the Taiwan Strait." Since coming to power in 2016, the DPP authorities have refused to recognize the one-China principle and the "<> Consensus", pursued the separatist line of "Taiwan independence", carried out provocations to seek "independence", wantonly undermined the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, grossly obstructed and restricted cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, and constantly pushed up the tension and turbulence in the Taiwan Strait. As the leading figure of the DPP authorities and the current chairman of the DPP, Lai Qingde cannot escape his responsibility for this.

Chen Binhua pointed out that he told Lai Qingde that "Taiwan independence" is incompatible with peace in the Taiwan Strait. We are resolute and forceful in opposing the separatist plot of "Taiwan independence", our ability to smash "Taiwan independence" acts and safeguard national sovereignty is indestructible, and our will to resolve the Taiwan issue and complete national reunification is unwavering. There is only one China in the world, the mainland and Taiwan both belong to one China, and China's sovereignty and territorial integrity have never been divided and cannot be divided. This is the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. As long as we adhere to the "consensus of '92" and oppose "Taiwan independence," cross-strait relations can return to the right track of peaceful development, cross-strait consultations and negotiations can resume, cross-strait exchanges and cooperation can be carried out smoothly, and compatriots on both sides of the strait, especially those in Taiwan, will be able to live a good life of peace, tranquility, and prosperity. I sincerely hope that the vast number of Taiwan compatriots will clearly understand the extreme harmfulness of "Taiwan independence" and the danger of Lai Ching-te undermining peace in the Taiwan Strait and inciting cross-strait confrontation, make the right choice between "peace and war" and "prosperity and recession", bring cross-strait relations back on the right track of peaceful development, maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, safeguard their own security and well-being, and jointly create a new situation of prosperity and development across the Taiwan Strait.