Russian authorities announced on the 30th that there was an attack by Ukrainian forces on a city in western Russia, killing 18 people. On the other hand, in Ukraine, which was hit by a large-scale attack by Russia the day before, debris removal work continued, and the number of deaths increased further to 39.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations announced on the 30th that there was an attack by the Ukrainian army on Belgorod City, the capital of Belgorod Oblast in western Russia, which borders Ukraine, and so far 18 people have been killed and 111 injured.

The city center was attacked, and footage from the scene shows multiple cars bursting into flames and shattering windows of buildings.

The Ukrainian authorities have not disclosed their involvement.

A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement in response to the attack, stating that 'such crimes must not go unpunished,' indicating a stance to further attack Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the search for people who went missing from the previous day's attack and the removal of debris continued for 30 days.

The number of casualties has risen further, with President Zelensky saying on social media on the 30th that 39 people have been killed and 159 injured so far.

Of these, 16 deaths have been confirmed so far in the capital Kyiv, and the mayor announced that the first day of next month will be a day of mourning for the new year, as many citizens have died.