• Queen Sofia celebrates her saddest birthday reconciled with Don Juan Carlos but unable to be with him
  • Celebration The Infanta Elena reunites Juan Carlos I and King Felipe for her 60th birthday

Queen Sofia has been horribilis for more than a decade with so much scandal that it has shaken her family. A family that, it must be said, is ironing out its rough edges little by little over the years. King Juan Carlos' sine die move to Abu Dhabi has now been overcome with resignation and Urdangarin is finally off the map, it is now easier for him to reunite his children. The Emeritus achieved it on the 60th birthday of her eldest daughter, Infanta Elena, celebrated on December 20 at the Pabú restaurant in Madrid, where they finally shared a table and tablecloth (and what is more important, they allowed themselves to be photographed): the emeritus, their daughters the infantas, King Felipe and Queen Letizia and the rest of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, minus Leonor and Sofia, attending to their responsibilities) apparently happy and relaxed. A picture of family harmony that was repeated days later by San Esteban but in petit committee, when Doña Sofía and her daughter Cristina met again for lunch at another restaurant -Moscatel- in Madrid, since she spent Christmas Eve with her father in Geneva outside Zarzuela, not like the rest of the family.

Perhaps it had to do with this sudden and necessary good vibes [remember the overwhelming image of Doña Sofía crying in public at an event held days before Leonor's swearing-in of the Constitution to which neither she, nor her husband, nor her daughters were invited] that the emeritus, mother and grandmother above all, Lately, you've been reaching for your amulets more than ever. A long string of objects that he wears around his neck (more and more are being added) that make him seem to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and that are finally bringing him luck.

Detail of his amulets. GTRES

"The Queen, as we all know, has always been fond of the occult and esotericism, something she has inherited from her mother, she has even organized some symposium on these subjects... This is something that horrified Juan Carlos, who mocked her. I think that wearing so many beads now is still an act of rebellion against her husband," says the journalist specialized in the Royal Household Pilar Eyre, who knows the passions of the Queen Mother.

Turkish eyes, medals, crosses, christs, Mallorca

So at first glance we were able to identify several necklaces, one of them with Turkish eyes, very famous in their native country, Greece, whose popular meaning is that they have protective properties against the evil eye, envy and bad luck. On the other hand, we notice a Greek cross (with the two short crossed sticks of the same length), a figure that looks like a modern crucified Christ, a four-leaf clover and other Catholic crosses in use. Almost all of yellow gold, we see several medals without being able to identify the corresponding virgins, although in one of them we can read the letter S, the initial of his name. You can also see a little hanging that seems to be in the shape of the island of Mallorca... or maybe it's the map of Spain from the side? Undoubtedly, this Christmas, throwing all these amulets around her neck, seems to have had an effect on Doña Sofía.

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