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In French Guiana, a deadly crossing for four sisters on the Maroni River

Many of them accompanied the family during this difficult moment in Grand-Santi, French Guiana, where four children lost their lives on 23 December. On Thursday, they were taken to their final resting place in Suriname. Aged between 4 and 10, they were on board a dugout canoe that capsized on the Maroni River. The boat was carrying about <> passengers without life jackets.

French Guiana's pirogue taxis: Crossings of all dangers

Safety on the rivers of French Guiana is a central issue for populations living in isolated communes. For most of them, these pirogue taxis are the only way to get around.

Pollution: cyanobacteria alert on the beaches of Mayor

Cyanobacteria discovered off the beaches of Mayotte. Nicknamed blue-green algae, they can produce toxins that are dangerous to health. Swimming, water sports, fishing and the consumption of fish are prohibited until January 6 in some municipalities in the south of the island. This is bad news for holidaymakers and tourism professionals.

In New Caledonia, a constitutional revision to broaden the electorate

In the absence of a local political agreement between New Caledonian separatists and non-separatists, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne will present a constitutional bill reforming New Caledonia's electorate. It had been frozen since the 1998 Noumea Accord. The text intends to broaden this electorate for the next provincial elections, thus allowing all citizens born or domiciled in New Caledonia for ten years to express themselves at the ballot box. The May 2024 provincials would therefore be postponed.

Green light for New Caledonian hemp

This is a first in New Caledonia. A plot of industrial hemp will be tested from the beginning of next year thanks to a derogatory authorization from the government. An innovation that offers economic and ecological prospects to Le Caillou.

DJ Harmelo, the Polynesian turntable king with millions of streams

Let's discover a pearl of Polynesian music: Harmelo, whose real name is Keanu Ben Soussan, is a young Polynesian DJ, king of the turntables with his millions of streams. His hit "Tonton" was a hit.

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