The magma underground near the Icelandic coastal community of Grindavik has begun to move.

Six days before Christmas Eve, the area was hit by a volcanic eruption – and now it is once again at increased risk.

"What we are seeing at the moment is that there is a collection of magma again in the same area that was active before the eruption," says Rikke Pedersen, a volcanologist at the Nordic Volcanological Center, to DR.

According to Rikke Pedersen, it can go "both ways" as it looks now.


Authorities have urged the residents of Grindavik to leave the city over the New Year, RUV reports. However, there is no decision on evacuation.

On the road to Grindavik, several new cracks have appeared that testify to the increased activity.

"Before the last outbreak, you were given 90 minutes' notice. What happens when you have repeated outbreaks in the same area is that the boundary conditions change. We cannot expect to get 90 minutes next time, but perhaps we have to expect less time. Of course, this is worrying," says Rikke Pedersen.