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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the war on the Gaza Strip will continue for months, and promised Lebanon's Hezbollah strikes it would "unimaginable" if it expanded the war.

Netanyahu confirmed – in a press conference – that the Israeli army "deepens its military operations in the south and center of the Gaza Strip above and below the ground," vowing to liquidate the leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

He also spoke of achieving "big victories" and acknowledged that they had incurred "heavy costs", saying that "victory needs more time" and that "the fighting will continue for months".

Regarding post-war discussions, Netanyahu said "Hamas must be eliminated first," adding that "it is the Israeli army that will disarm Hamas."

Netanyahu acknowledged that he was facing international pressure, but vowed to achieve the goals of the occupation, foremost of which is restoring security and a sense of security so that the residents of the Gaza envelope can return to their homes, he said.

On the northern front, Netanyahu has vowed Lebanon's Hezbollah and Iran will receive blows the group would "unimaginable" if it expands the war.

The Israeli government is working against Iran "all the time and everywhere", he said, noting that everyone knows that the threat from Tehran will increase if it obtains a nuclear weapon.

The Israeli prime minister stressed that the Philadelphia axis border area between Gaza and Egypt should be under Israeli control.

Source : Al Jazeera