Updated Wednesday,27December2023 - 13:31

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Who said you can't learn by entertaining? It is clear that those who say this are not familiar with The Sessions, Banco Santander's video podcast about 'gaming' that is much more than gaming.

There is an aphorism that says that if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Muhammad; In this spirit of always taking the lead, Santander is committed to reaching the youngest audience through its own world and language: the digital universe of eSports and content creators. Thus, the financial institution entered this world as the main sponsor of League of Legends competitions in Europe (LEC) and Latin America (LLA), including Brazil (CBLOL).

Because thenew generations grow, learn and relate to each other in a multi-screen reality through innovative experiences, and video games are the greatest example of this. Because video games are not just video games, but content, music and entertainment, a way of life followed by millions of people around the world.

That's why Santander has teamed up with Team Heretics, one of the teams with the most followers and recognition in the world of League of Legends (LoL). With the aim of connecting with young audiences and understanding their needs and expectations, it has launched The Sessions, a content platform created to talk to young people in their codes and with 'influencers', streamers and 'casters' with whom they interact through the platforms every day.

Thematic Episodes

In each episode of The Sessions, a personality from the world of video games - almost always from LoL - and an influencer or content creator chat informally about the topics that interest Gen Z and the relationship between video games and everyday life: managing pressure inside and outside the game, mental health, integration and diversity in the digital universe, how gaming can be a tool for financial education or the influence of social networks. Santander thus creates a space for entertainment and interaction without imposing a way of speaking, with a tone clearly marked by its own protagonists.

Exterior view of the set of 'The Sessions'.

With posts on TikTok – they are also available on other platforms such as YouTube – that exceed three million views and an average of close to one million views, the success of the format is undeniable. Using a language they understand, without pulpits or lessons that do not motivate the new generations, Santander has managed to get more than 10 million kids to interact with a bank account.

The Sessions has not only shown that banks are capable of introducing interesting topics for Gen Z, but also generates an exchange of knowledge on these topics between gamers and fans. Each session has been published on the Heretics and Esports Santander accounts and if you're reading this it's probably because you'd rather watch – or rewatch – these conversations with former LoL legend Werlyb, the recently nominated for the Goya Awards for Champions Brianietor, the famous Twitch DJ Maximus (agent.maxo); or top LEC players like Jankos and Flakked, European league caster TroubleInc or financial tiktoker Fran Romero (franromerooriginal) before reading about it. Santander's gaming sessions are becoming a meeting point for creators and influencers in the world, an authentic space.

Because it's better to be told about it, it's to live it. So, here are full episodes of The Sessions:

  • The Sessions chapter 2, with Fran Romero and Alvar (AraneaeLoL), sports director of Team Heretics, teach us that gaming can also help us learn about finances.
  • The Sessions chapter 3, where Werlyb, former Spanish LoL player and influencer, and Maximus, DJ and streamer, show us that it is possible to compose a song inspired by League of Legends in an hour and live, with inputs from the audience.

Innovation is critical to overcoming barriers and removing labels. One of them is that young people are not interested in anything beyond entertainment. Ignorance can lead to unfounded prejudices, and each generation has its own language and that of Generation Z is a digital one, where competing and entertaining are two verbs that rhyme with learning. Banco Santander's The Sessions is an example.

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