Netanyahu (center) will discuss with the War Council new ideas regarding the exchange of Israeli prisoners held in Gaza (French)

Al Jazeera correspondent reported that the Israeli War Council will meet on Sunday to discuss a new deal for prisoner exchange with the Palestinian resistance.

Al Jazeera's Tel Aviv correspondent Elias Karam said the war council would discuss ideas regarding the exchange of Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip with Palestinian prisoners held by the occupation.

He added that there is a kind of cautious optimism, according to Israeli media quoting informed sources, despite the fact that the Palestinian resistance still insists on a complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces outside the security fence, which Israel rejects.

The correspondent pointed out that what is now on the table is an interim deal on the same Israeli terms as before.

Israel's Channel 12 said the war council on Thursday discussed a Qatari proposal for a prisoner exchange between Hamas and Israel.

According to the proposal, 40 to 50 Israeli prisoners would be released in exchange for a month-long ceasefire.

The channel said there was a second phase that appeared to be more complex and details of which had not yet been revealed, but it was estimated to include a call for a settlement of Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

The channel reported that Hamas and Israel have not yet responded to the proposal, but the situation looks better than before.

Anadolu Agency quoted the Israel Broadcasting Corporation as saying that the military cabinet had given the "green light" to Mossad chief David Barnea to press ahead with the Qatari proposal to release prisoners held in Gaza.

For his part, Hamas leader Osama Hamdan denied on Friday Israeli media reports that talked about negotiations for the release of prisoners.

Hamdan said, in statements to Al Jazeera, that a complete and final ceasefire in the Gaza Strip is required before delving into any proposal regarding prisoners.

He stressed that Israel is suffering from street pressure, adding that the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "which is on the verge of collapse, deliberately publishes incorrect leaks regarding the prisoner release deal in order to vent the congested street."

Source : Al Jazeera + Israeli Press