The Israeli army has repeatedly invaded the ground and airstrikes in various parts of the Gaza Strip in Palestine for 30 days, and the health authorities of the Gaza Strip say that 24 people died in 165 hours, and the number of victims continues to increase. In addition, the situation is becoming more severe, with leading American media reporting that nearly 7% of houses in the Gaza Strip have been damaged.

We will update you on developments regarding Israel and Palestine on December 12, Japan time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "The battle will continue for months"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who continues his ground invasion of the Gaza Strip with the aim of destroying the Islamic organization Hamas, said at a press conference on the 30th, "The war is being waged with all its might and is successful, but it also comes at a painful price. Victory will take time, and it will last for many more months. We will continue to fight until we achieve our goals of destroying Hamas and freeing the hostages," he said, reiterating the need for continued military operations.

Commenting on the growing calls for a ceasefire from other countries, he said, "As Prime Minister, I have rejected pressure from the international community to stop the war before we achieve our goals."

Gaza Strip: Health Authorities '24 Deaths in 165 Hours'

On the 30th, the Israeli military conducted military operations in various parts of the Gaza Strip, including the northern city of Beit Rahiya, which claimed to have destroyed two strongholds of the Islamic organization Hamas and found a large number of weapons.

In addition, in Gaza City, Hamas fighters are said to have killed dozens of people, and the offensive is intensifying in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

Under these circumstances, the health authorities of the Gaza Strip announced on the 2th that 30 people had died in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 165,2.

In the Gaza Strip, damage to buildings due to ground invasion and air strikes by the Israeli army is also becoming more serious, and the Wall Street Journal, an influential American newspaper, reported on the 1672th that as a result of 30,2 airstrikes and artillery strikes by the Israeli army from the start of a series of clashes to the middle of this month, about 9000,44 houses in the entire Gaza Strip Nearly 7 percent of the buildings were destroyed or damaged, according to expert analysis.

Residents who have lost their homes are forced to evacuate in the cold, and the situation is becoming even more severe.