The assessment in Israel is that it will be difficult to push Sinwar for a new deal to release detainees (Al Jazeera)

Israel's Channel 13 said that 85 days into Israel's war on Gaza, the Israeli army is troubled by the inability of the political level so far to identify the goals for the continuation of the fighting.

In a report, the Israeli channel quoted military sources as saying that achievements on the ground will erode without political action over time, while decisions regarding Gaza and escalation on the northern border must be made about new goals in the war, not just in relation to "the next day."

Despite the army's achievements, the assessment in Israel is that it will be difficult to push with Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar to outline a new deal for the release of detainees since the ceasefire expires.

This assessment is due, among other things, to the fact that Sinwar apparently assumes that in a few weeks Israel will begin to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and therefore has the right to harden his positions, according to the channel.

Regarding the post-war situation, the channel quoted a source in the movement as saying that all factions in Gaza are holding consultations on the formation of a Palestinian unity government. According to an Arab report, the Palestinian Authority rejected the Egyptian proposal to form a technocratic government, while a Palestinian source told News 12 that "Hamas will not agree to its successors in Gaza except within the framework of a regional arrangement."

The Israeli channel concluded that the occupation army is making achievements that have so far reduced about a third of Hamas' capabilities, but from the Palestinian point of view, Israel has not yet reached a major achievement as Hamas continues to publish videos about the losses of the Israeli side.

Source: Agencies