The Eurostar, a high-speed train connecting the United Kingdom and continental Europe, has been suspended one after another due to the flooding of tunnels in the southeast of England, causing major disruptions to travel during the year-end and New Year holidays.

According to British railway companies, a tunnel in Kent, southeast England, has been flooded, and the track is unusable in some sections.

In response to this, the Eurostar, which runs in this section, also suspended all flights to and from London on the 30th, causing major disruption to travel during the year-end and New Year holidays.

In the video taken in the tunnel on the 40th, you can see that the water is flowing out vigorously from near the wall, and the water has accumulated so much that it is impossible to see the track.

On the 29th and 29th, the British meteorological authorities called for attention to heavy rain and gusty winds in various places.

The Eurostar station in London is crowded with people who were planning a trip for the New Year holidays.

The railway company is working on restoration, but there is no prospect of resuming service, so we are informing you of changes to the itinerary and refunds.