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Three Breton departments, Finistère, Côtes-d'Armor and Morbihan, will be placed on orange alert Saturday night due to a gale expected on the tip of Brittany, announced Météo-France.

This windy passage may cause wind gusts of the order of 90 to 100 km / h in the interior and up to 120 km / h at the coasts, says Météo-France which specifies that higher values are possible on exposed capes.

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Morbihan (56), Finistère (29), Côtes-d'Armor (22)
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A gale is expected during the night from Saturday to Sunday over the 3 departments of the tip of Brittany.

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— Weather France (@meteofrance) December 30, 2023

Short, but sometimes violent gales

According to Météo-France, these "brief but sometimes violent gales require particular vigilance in a context of saturated soils". Behind the disturbance, an active shower regime may also bring strong wind gusts, especially along the coasts. The orange wind alert will be in effect Saturday from 21 p.m. and should be lifted Sunday at 04 a.m., says Météo-France.