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Experts and analysts believe that the growing dispute between the United States and Israel over the war on the Gaza Strip is a dispute over goals, not over the war itself, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to occupy the Strip while Washington only wants to change his government.

Military expert Maj. Gen. Fayez al-Duwairi said the United States had expressed concerns about the possibility of achieving the goals Netanyahu had announced from the first moment, but continued to provide military support to him.

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Despite the sharp decline in the popularity of US President Joe Biden among young Americans and Muslims, and the increasing embarrassment that Washington feels because of its support for this war, it agreed - on Saturday - to provide the occupation army with advanced "howitzer" munitions, which means that the dispute is military and not political.

Disagreement over the conduct of war

Political analyst Wadih Awawdeh echoed his view, saying that there is no initial disagreement between Washington and Tel Aviv over this war, and that the dispute is related to its management.

Awawdeh believes that the United States felt from day one that what happened on the seventh of last October was a strategic blow that requires intervention to protect Israel from its enemies, and from itself as well.

He also believes that "Washington has strategic concerns that the war will expand regionally, or that Israel will become embroiled in a war of attrition, something Biden warned about while he was in Tel Aviv."

Thus, external pressures and internal disputes between politicians and military personnel "may encourage the families of prisoners to press more to get out of this war with the least losses," Awawdeh said.

For his part, Hassan Ayoub, a professor of international politics, the problem for the United States is the insistence of politicians, Congress, think tanks and the media to continue to support Israel unconditionally, regardless of what threatens American interests because of this support.

Even the voices that talk about the dangers of this war on the United States do not mean American national security in the region, but rather the dangers that threaten the new regional project that Washington wants, and whose completion requires stopping this war.

Ignore the main party

Accordingly, the dispute between the Biden administration and Netanyahu is not about the war, but about the day after it stops, according to Ayoub, who believes that the main issue is "America's attempt to find a balance in the relationship with Israel," because Netanyahu wants to occupy the Strip and expel a large part of its population to other countries, while Washington wants to end the rule of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

Given Israel's near-total dependence on the United States in this battle, Washington can put an end to large-scale military operations in Gaza in order to prevent Netanyahu from carrying out his plans, according to Ayoub, who stressed that Netanyahu's goals will cause instability in the region that could extend for years.

Regarding the essence of the US-Israeli dispute, Duwairi said that the main problem is that Washington and Tel Aviv are consulting on Gaza without putting the main party in the equation (resistance) in these discussions, stressing that the resistance "will not give up a single square meter of land."

Source : Al Jazeera