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In his daily military analysis, Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi, a military expert and strategist, provided a reading of the field developments related to the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, expecting the withdrawal of the occupation forces from areas witnessing heavy fighting.

He said that the Israeli occupation forces entered Sheikh Ajlin in Gaza City in the first week of the ground battle, and 60 days after this battle, this area returned to the forefront in three qualitative operations of the resistance.

The Qassam Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) – confirmed earlier that it targeted an Israeli force on foot inside a building in the Sheikh Ajleen area with a "TPG" anti-fortification shell, and explained that its fighters sniped a soldier with a "M-99" of heavy caliber weapon in Sheikh Ajlin.

According to al-Duwairi, the M-99 is a Chinese rifle with a range of 1540,1600 meters and can shoot up to 5,<> meters at twice the speed of sound, and can penetrate the mechanisms and the degree of its injury is very high, and its magazine is <> rounds, noting that this rifle is added to the rifle of local manufacturing of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

In the developments in Sheikh Radwan, the military expert spoke about the confusion of the occupation army in managing the battle in this area, and expected to resort to evacuating it in the coming days after the losses it suffered there.

Destruction in an area in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip (Al-Jazeera)

He believed that the occupation army is on its way to retreat and withdraw from the areas and neighborhoods that are witnessing heavy fighting in Gaza, such as Jabal Al-Rayyes, Al-Tuffah and Al-Daraj, where the consequences of this fighting are the same as the consequences of the fighting in Jabalia and Al-Shujaiya camp.

He stressed that the fighting is still in its most violent phase in the northern regions, and that although Beit Hanoun has been razed to the ground, the occupation army is targeting it with aircraft.

In the southern Gaza Strip, he spoke of intense battles between the Palestinian resistance and the occupation army, which pays a real tax there, and which withdrew part of its forces and sent them to the central and southern regions.

Al-Duwairi referred to Khan Younis, which Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said there was a focus on in terms of military operations, and provided details about the movements of the occupying forces in this vast area.

Al-Duwairi also spoke about the developments in Rafah in the southern Palestinian Strip, stressing that this area is subjected to systematic Israeli bombardment, despite the fact that it is a safe area, as the occupation claims.

Source : Al Jazeera