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Military expert Maj. Gen. Fayez al-Duwairi described the clashes deployed by the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), as "astonishing" and said Israel's war government was "on the verge of disintegration."

Al-Qassam published a video clip of the clashes of its fighters with the occupation army in the city of Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, and the clashes included the destruction of a large number of vehicles.

In one of the video scenes, one of the fighters appeared to emerge from a tunnel opening a few meters away from an Israeli Merkava tank, then attached an explosive device to it, and returned to the tunnel before it exploded. The video also showed the detonation of a bulldozer and the destruction of three others who arrived successively to the scene, each of whom wanted to withdraw the destroyed bulldozers.

Unachievable goals

These heavy losses add to the differences between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the army chiefs, staff and Mossad, who want to set achievable goals in Gaza, Duwairi said, stressing that Netanyahu sets political goals for the war regardless of the ability of his army to achieve them.

He explained that Israel failed to occupy the enclave, which does not exceed 362 square kilometers, in 82 days, while the Germans occupied Poland, Luxembourg, Lolande and Belgium, and reached the outskirts of the Russian capital Moscow in less than that.

The military expert said he believed Israel's war council might disintegrate within days because of the differences, saying the countdown to stop the war "has begun."

Source : Al Jazeera