A spectator of the Circus of Horrors, installed in a tent in Zaragoza, suffered a heart failure while on the stage where he had been invited to go up to participate in the show in the simulated throwing of knives.

It happened at the evening performance on Friday and, according to some attendees, who are scheduled for Heraldo.es Saturday, the spectator, a "young man", collapsed and the performance came to a standstill.

At midnight, the National Police received an emergency call and notified an ambulance and the Fire Brigade who went to the scene, where they managed to revive him.

The spectator was transferred to the Royo Villanova hospital in the Aragonese capital and then to the University Clinic, where he was admitted to the ICU with a reserved prognosis.

Meanwhile, the audience, very shocked by what happened, as well as the artists of the show, were evicted from the tent and, after a few minutes of waiting outside, they were told that the performance was suspended.

The event occurred in one of the moments of transition, between one circus act and another, when comedy is sought by interacting with the attendees of the show.

In this case, with a vampire parodying the classic knife thrower with a spectator covering his head.

After a few jokes to take the tension out of the moment, the man prepared to be tied up on the board of the "knife thrower" with his head covered.

The improvised volunteer is made to believe that they are throwing the knives from afar, but in reality it is another member of the show who places the knife on the board without generating any danger.

According to some witnesses, the first test was a success, but when it was reperformed a second time, the man collapsed to the ground from cardiac arrest.

The Circus of Horrors, installed in a tent next to the Water Tower at the Expo site, has been in Zaragoza since December 19.

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