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In the midst of rumours and speculation about a possible estrangement between Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos - there are those who are already venturing to talk about a breakup, to which the fact that it is not known if the presenter and the footballer have spent Christmas Eve together or apart - has contributed a lot to the fact that it is not known if the presenter and the footballer have spent Christmas Eve together or separately, the Sevillian has released a song with its corresponding video clip in which he sings to the family, to health and freedom.

Thus, in the middle of the Christmas holidays and without a trace of Rubio at the most familiar dinner of the year, Ramos has once again surprised his followers by giving free rein to his most musical side and singing with a flamenco air No me contradigas, a song in which he himself appears as a composer in the credits of the work. and he has done it with Los Yakis, the Madrid "salsa flamenca" trio formed by the brothers Dani, Moisés and Miguel, of which the footballer confesses to being a big fan.

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Molly, Pilar Rubio's former heavyweight: a makeover, a hectic schedule and many fans

  • Written by: ELENA BENAVENTE

Molly, Pilar Rubio's former heavyweight: a makeover, a hectic schedule and many fans

The video, which was released on December 22, has just five days after being released with almost two million views on the YouTube platform, where it has sneaked into the top positions of the music tracks that are trending these days. Next to nothing.

Ramos, an Andalusian through and through and a lover of the land where he was born, defends flamenco in his singing, which he refers to as "our world culture", but what perhaps draws the most attention in the lyrics of the song -quite basiquita, on the other hand- are the continuous references to family and that this is "the first thing". Undoubtedly, something that is more than true given the life trajectory of the Sevillian, who has always been accompanied by his family.

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"I love my family as much as I love them," he repeats with great feeling on several occasions. Meanwhile, it is rumoured that the presenter is not very happy to live far from Madrid and that, in addition, the relationship with the former Real Madrid captain's closest entourage has not been all good lately. Could the reasons for the strong crisis in which the couple would apparently be immersed, who also did not attend the Latin Grammy ceremony in Seville together? Time will tell.

"Your life goes away in the little things and in the nonsense," Ramos sings, then continues with "that your time is running out doing the things you didn't want" and ends with a heartfelt lament: "Your life goes away and you don't realize it and little by little you are dying of grief."

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It is not the first time that when the footballer hangs up his boots he takes the microphone and starts singing. In 2018 she recorded a video clip with the Sevillian artist Demarco Flamenco, an interpreter of such popular songs that more than one -and two- will have danced at the fair such as La isla del amor.

On that occasion, Ramos and Demarco dedicated the song Another Star in Your Heart to football and the passage through the 2018 World Cup of the Spanish national team, with which Ramos won the 2010 World Cup and two European Championships, one in 2008 and another in 2012.

This time the personal situation that the footballer and the presenter are going through, with four children in common and a very happy love story to date, has led to scrutinize each paragraph of the song in detail and to look for clues in it about how the Sevillian is feeling and what he thinks for whom, According to what has been sung, his family is still "the first thing".

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